Vintage Hats


This cute vintage navy pillbox hat is made of candy cane straw and has a small veil. It is decorated on the crown with a band of grosgrain ribbon.

Size 22 1/2.

Label: Styled by Coralie


Blue Jeweled Velvet

Blue velvet pillbox with white feather, beautiful blue jeweled pin, and blue veiling. Hat body made in France.

Size 22.

Label: Darcel Exclusive


Black Velvet Teardrop Beret

This black velvet beret style hat is teardrop shaped and is decorated with black wool appliqued "C" shaped designs and the back has a wool ribbon design. Click on small picture for a larger view.

Size 22 1/2



A black wooly pancake hat. What fun! It is black wool with a curly trimmed edge . Click on photos for a larger view.

Size 22.



This sweet navy vintage hat is candy cane braid straw with veiling. The band around the crown is a cream colored grosgrain ribbon with a small bow centered at the back.

Size 21 1/2


Label: EvelynVaron Model


This charmer is black candy cane straw pillbox. It has tiny combs inside to attached to your hair.

It measures approximately 19 inches and sits atop the head.



This fun hat is a lace ecru beehive hat with a velvet ribbon edge and a tiny bow on the front.

Size 21 1/2



This elegant pillbox with veil is a beautiful fabric with red flowers and gold threads. The back has a hot pink velvet ribbon bow. Small combs inside to hold it in the hair.

Measures approximately 18 inches, sits atop the head.
Label: VOLK ChezHenriette Dallas


This wispy pale blue pillbox is tulle covered with veiling and adorned with a blue rose.

Size 22 1/2



This simple lime green pillbox is covered in fabric pleated around the outside with an open crown coered with veiling.

Size 21 1/2



A carefree, fun look, this black velvet hat is both simple and elegant.

No, size, sits atop head.

Label: Peck & Peck, Fifth Avenue, New York


This charming black hat will grab the attention of those around you. It is a black candy cane straw braid. It is squarish shaped with wide wires to hold it on the head. The edge is finished with a pleated black satin. It has a sassy little top knot of satin.

Size 22

Label: Saks Fifth Avenue


This hat has black velvet leaves with white wispy points and small beads. It has an open crown covered with veiling.

Size 22 1/2



Black velvet pillbox with pleated side finish and small ribbon bow on back. Small combs inside to attached it to the hair.

Measures 19 inches, sits atop the head.



White pillbox with white veiling with chenille dots, pleated fabric sides, and sheer crown. Small combs inside to attach to hair.

Measures 19 1/4 inches, sits atop the head.



Fedora in speckled wheat colored wool with beige grosgrain ribbon band and side bow.

Size 22

Label: Liz Claiborne


Winter white wool hat with white veiling on front and a chiffon pouff in back.

Size 22 1/2

Label: Betmar