Hat FAQs for Women

Q. Do I wear my hat indoors?
A. Yes, a hat is part of your ensemble.

Q. How do I determine my head size?
A. Measure your head with a cloth measuring tape. Place the tape lower in the back and higher at the forehead, on the line you wear the hat. The total circumference in inches is your hat size (eg., 23 inches).

Q. When do I transition from a winter to a summer hat?
A. Winter hats, such as fur felt, go with winter clothes. Summer hats, such as straw and sinamay, are worn with lighter, summer clothing. Common sense is your guide. Your climate will determine your seasonal preference.

Q. How do I choose a hat?
A. Generally, petite women look better in smaller hats, like a cloche with a small brim. Larger women can wear wide brims and more flamboyant hats. Choose a color that compliments your skin tone or coordinate the hat with an outfit.